Has The DAW Stopped Evolving And If It Has Does It Matter Anyway?

07-21-2013 09:31 AM

Truth is if you can’t make a decent tune with any of the modern DAWs then you may want to chose a new hobby. Neil and I were considering our early recording systems of a cassette based Portastudio on the last podcast - it really is amazing what you can do for so little money, in the words of MacMillan “most of our people have never had it so good”.
I was in a discussion with a friend a few days ago who asked me “what innovation do you want to see in the DAW?” It’s a good question and does speak to our innate sense of wanting to see the ‘next best thing’ every 12 months or so. I also got an email from a community member this week who felt that half the time we were throwing money away on stuff we didn’t need, he wrote I spend a great deal of time with clients and other engineers talking them out of spending money on unneeded plugins and mic pres that add no sonic value to a project.”
Have we arrived at the evolved DAW? Or have we still a long way to go before we can suggest that the modern DAW is everything it should be?
If you think that we still have some way to go then what do you think is missing, what do you dream of? Or have we become obsessed with gear and forgotten what it is really all about? Discuss.