Community Tips From This Week's Podcast Part 2

07-20-2013 10:00 AM

We continue to get a great response to our appeal for tips from the community and each week we are giving away a storm-trooper iLok to the best tip of the week. Here are second batch of the tips that were submitted to this week’s show starting with this week’s winner from Jeff Meredith…

  1. Jeff Meredith Insert a de-esser before your reverb to scale back the more noticeable bits in the high end on things like snares and acoustic guitar. It lets you have more control over your reverb and keep it sounding natural!

  2. Michael Moeding When prepping a session for ADR go through the script and create memory locations for all dialog to be replaced. Type the characters name and full line of dialog into the comments section of the memory location. as you start the recording session double click the memory location of each line of dialog you are about to record and copy the comments section and paste it into the record track’s name. Each line of dialog you record will have a clip with the characters name and dialog line as well as the record and take number. The ADR editors and mixers will love you more!

  3. Will Gurrey Don’t leave your iLok hanging around otherwise your son will nab it thinking its a flash drive!

  4. Marco jr Battistella Never, NEVER ever leave your black iLok on a table in the studio and let your Great Dane in it unsupervised for a couple of minutes. Why? Because you end up looking for your dongle for hours just to find out that your dog ate it. Sounds funny? Well, true story.

Do keep sending your tips in, and you may win a storm-trooper iLok.