Pro Tools HD Users Can Upgrade Just Their Cards To HDX

07-19-2013 07:03 PM

Boris Prell from Avid in Germany has reached out to us following Podcast 73 in which we were discussing upgrades for Pro Tools HD users and how they couldn’t just upgrade the card.
It is possible to upgrade just the card or cards from an HD TDM system. Here are some examples from the Avid UK price list exc vat.
HD1 to HDX PCIe Card £5299
HD2 to HDX PCIe Card £4599
HD3 to HDX PCIe Card £3999
In each case you could choose to trade in your HD interface and get an Omni for no extra money, but if an Omni doesn’t do it for you then you can do the deal and keep your old HD interfaces.
Download the full UK price list upgrade price list.
Apologies to the community for misleading you and thanks to Boris for providing us the correct information.