Avid Releases EuControl Version 3.0 Software

07-17-2013 04:41 PM

It may have slipped through the net with all the noise about Pro Tools 11 but Avidhas also released EuControl Version 3.0 software, this is what they say..
EuControl Version 3.0 software is a free download that offers significant speed, performance, and reliability enhancements to Artist Series control surfaces, and supports Pro Tools 11, the company’s industry-leading digital audio workstation. EuControl 3.0 offers deep, tactile control over various audio and video software using Avid’s EUCON (Extended User Control) high-speed open control protocol, to speed up editing and mixing tasks. EUCON has been adopted by many of the world’s leading software developers.
In the notes on the Avid site for the Eucon 3 update they say…
The software installer that provides significant updates to EUCON architecture to deliver enhanced speed, performance, and reliability. EUCON 3 is required to use Artist Series controllers with Pro Tools® 11, and is backwards-compatible with all supporting EUCON applications except Final Cut Pro and Soundtrack Pro.
They add to the Windows installer…
Note: EUCON Discovery is no longer used and will no longer exist in the Windows Task Tray. You can select the desired Network Port to be used for EUCON in Control Panel > EUCON using the drop down menu at the bottom. After selecting a new Network Port you must restart your system. Refer to the included Readme for more info.
I had high hopes for Eucon 3 but it seems to not have done very much, certainly on the surface where the user can see. For a lot of plug-ins, the mapping is still all over the place however it does seem to be a fixable problem. I was very pleased to see that the controller mapping for Exponential Audio’s reverbs is excellent with the controls sensibly grouped together, so it can be done, but other plug-ins frankly are so bad they are unusable on my Artist Control. Also we have reports that Banking is a mess too, so much more to be done here Avid.