Pro Tools Expert Podcast Episode 73

07-16-2013 11:42 AM

Russ, Mike, Neil, & James are back with a packed Pro Tools Expert podcast that include….

  • Competitions
  • More AAX 64 bit plug-ins - Wave Arts, UVI, Synthogy Ivory II, Nomad Factory, HOFA, Sounds In Sync, PSP Dynamics Check out our AAX Database
  • AIR Clarify AAX & Instrument Expansion Pack Questions
  • UAD upgrade
  • Sound Radix
  • Darth Fader
  • Pro Tools 11 Free Academic Upgrades Are Coming Through
  • 5 Common Misunderstandings About A Move To Pro Tools 11
  • There is no such thing as AAX2
  • Spare a thought to HD users who need to upgrade to HDX
  • Top 5 Questions When Upgrading To Pro Tools 11
  • Massey plug-ins and Reaper are not free
  • Community tips - iLok tips from Jonathan Becerra, Will Gurrey & Marco jr Battistella
  • Community tips - Shortcuts from Espen Hollund
  • Community tips - ADR tips from Michael Moeding
  • Community tips - De-esser before Reverb from Jeff Meredith
  • Pro Tools 11 unresponsive on Windows machine Avid troubleshooting
  • Migrating sessions from Pro Tools 10 to 11
  • Problems getting Structure 1.1 to run
  • Problems with Pro Tools 10 on Windows system Avid Knowledgebase
  • Pro Tools 11 OK with Behringer X32?
  • Organising Plug-in into favourites
  • Sound Replacer & Pro Tools 11?
  • MPC Rennaissance won’t work in Pro Tools 11
  • Unable to transfer PT10 license to be able to sell it

This podcast was brought to you completely by Pro Tools 11 and you can listen here;

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