Top 5 Questions When Upgrading To Pro Tools 11

07-15-2013 02:35 PM

We are being asked the same questions asked over and over via email, or Facebook regarding upgrading to Pro Tools 11 so here are the answers to the top 5 questions.
I have installed Pro Tools 11 and when I open an older session there are plug-ins missing.
Pro Tools 11 will only work with AAX plug-ins that have been coded for 64bit. If they are 32bit AAX they won’t work, if they are RTAS, they won’t work. This isn’t a surprise or a conspiracy, Avid were completely up front about this when they released Pro Tools 10. If there are plug-ins that you need to use now that aren’t AAX 64 bit yet then use Pro Tools 10.3.6 which will still work with AAX 32 bit and RTAS plug-ins. When you upgrade to Pro Tools 11 you get a Pro Tools 10 license and PT10.3.6 is the only version of Pro Tools what will work on the same machine as Pro Tools 11.
When will plug-in Z work with Pro Tools 11?
The release dates for each plug-in are the responsibility of each plug-in developer, and they have to make a decision as to when to do the work to produce 64bit versions of the AAX plug-in. The easiest thing to do is check our AAX Database and see what is listed. The database shows the release date for the first AAX version and then when appropriate a relase date for the AAX 64 bit version. In addition if we have information on projected release dates these are displayed. Some developers are being very open about dates whilst others are not. If it isn’t on our AAX Database then we don’t know the answer. So if you have any new information that isn’t on the database then do let us know please.
Will interface X work with Pro Tools 11?
With Pro Tools 11 vanilla Avid’s compatibilty chart lists the 003 family, the Mbox 3 family, Mbox 2 family, and the Fast track family. Avid have listed the 002 family as untested but we are seeing reports that they continue to work. Avid doesn’t officially support any 3rd party interfaces, however we have our Pro Tools Hardware Checker database which lists users experiences since Pro Tools 9 when Avid allowed the use of 3rd party interfaces. You should also check the web site for the brand of interface you are looking at for Pro Tools compatibility. But as a guide if it support Core Audio on the Mac or ASIO for Windows it should work in Pro Tools 11, but do check for the latest drivers before upgrading to Pro Tools 11.
For Pro Tools 11HD, Avid have dropped official support for the blue fronted interfaces like the 192, 96, etc. However they are now in the untested category, they will continue to work with Pro Tools 11HD with HD Native and HDX cards. 3rd party HD interfaces from Lynx, Apogee and others are in the same ‘boat’ as the blue interfaces, they are not officially supported but continue to work. HD TDM cards will not work with Pro Tools 11.
Do I need a 2nd generation iLok with Pro Tools 11?
The simple answer is yes you do, so if you haven’t got an iLok 2 then buy one before you upgrade to Pro Tools 11. More and more plug-ins are now using iLok code that only works on a second generation iLok and Pro Tools 11 is in that group. The new License Manager will show it by displaying a greyed out iLok 1 icon.
Can I open and save older sessions in Pro Tools 11?
Yes you can. Pro Tools 11 will open sessions as far back as 5.1 and using the Save Session Copy option you can save sessions in the latest version for Pro Tools 10 & 11, Pro Tools 7 to 9 or Pro Tools 5.1 to 6.9. You should have no problems working on a session in PT11 and then opening in PT10. But for earlier versions you will need to use the Save Session Copy option in the File menu. Pro Tools 10 can go as far back as Pro Tools 4.