Synthogy Ivory AAX 64 Bit Beta Released

07-13-2013 02:45 PM

Synthogy have released Ivory II 2.1.2 BETA for OS X 10.5 or newer.
This includes support for Pro Tools 11 AAX. The notes include the following information.
Ivory beta versions offer the most up-to-date improvements and features, and support for the latest plug-in hosts. These differ from normal releases in that they have not completed our entire quality assurance cycle, but we feel they are far enough along to be valuable to those that are looking for more timely solutions.
If you choose to run the Ivory BETA version, the following list of issues are known to us and we are actively working on them:
- In Pro Tools 11.0.1 on Mac, the Ivory GUI may initially appear to be unresponsive. However, clicking it several times should bring it back to life.
If you encounter any other issues please send feedback to More here