Community Tip From Stefan Schaflitzel

07-12-2013 10:00 AM

Another community tip from this week’s podcast and this one is from Stefan Schaflitzel and he suggests some useful workflow ideas including A/B comparisons between two tracks, how to easily rest the I/O Setup, extending clip to next clip and how to set the meters to Fat Meters).

A/B tracks in Pro Tools:
Here is a great tip for comparing tracks to each other using the Shift-M command (mute/unmute tracks). Lets say you have two guitar tracks recorded with different type of microphones and while listening to your song, you want to switch between both of them to compare which one sounds better in your mix. Instead of muting one track and unmuting the other with your mouse, simple as that. Select both tracks and mute only one of those tracks. Now you can switch the mute state of both tracks using Shift-M. This also works with multiple tracks and it also works with solo (Shift-S)

I/O Setup:
For everyone who also need to reset the I/O setup on every session you receive from other Pro tools workstations (like me a hundred times a day), this can be done without even touching the mouse.

  1. Create a custom shortcut to open the I/O setup window (this has already been explained in an older podcast).
  2. Use Command-left/right arrow for switching to the bus panel.
  3. Select all busses using Command-A
  4. Hit backspace to delete all busses, you need to confirm this with enter
  5. Create default internal and output busses with Command-D
  6. Hit enter and you’re done

This sounds a bit complicated but with a little exercise, you’ll be lightening fast. This can also be achieved with shortcut macros (e.g. with Quick keys or Artist Control). It is important that “session overrides current I/O setup is unchecked”!

Extend clip end to next clip start only:
Select the trim tool and hold down the Ctrl key while you’re extending the end of the clip. This will prevent overriding the next clip. Very handy in post production, e.g. when creating reel overlaps without overriding the tail pop.

Fat meters:

This is quite useless but I’m doing this on almost every session I’m mixing. Hold Ctrl-Alt-Command while clicking on the meter in mix window. This will extend the meter on every channel. I don’t know if this still works in Pro Tools 11.

Thank you Stefan for all these.