Pro Tools 11 Free Academic Upgrades Are Coming Through

07-11-2013 08:45 AM

We continue to receive emails asking when Avid would send students their Pro Tools 11 free upgrade to students who had bought Pro Tools 9 or 10 Academic for students with 4 years free upgrades.
Avid are working through their list and Brandon Willoughby has been in touch to tell us to say he has received his email and has sent it to us (with the Activation Code blanked out) and here it is so any students know what to expect….
Thank you for your support of Avid and its products. We’re pleased to let you know that you are eligible to receive Avid’s new Pro Tools 11 software upgrade for Students from Pro Tools 10 or Pro Tools 9 for Students at no charge as part of a four year upgrade offer in place at the time of your purchase.
To download your free software and obtain your Pro Tools 11 for Students iLok authorization, please follow the instructions below.
You will need the following personal activation code:
Your Pro Tools 11 ACTIVATION CODE:
Activation and Download Instructions:
1. Copy your activation code from above and then visit the activation webpage:
Students who are still waiting, we would recommend that you log into your account on the Avid site by clicking on the My Account link near the top right hand corner of pages on the Avid Site, and logging into your account. In Your Account under My Products, click on the View My Product Details link and check that Avid have your Pro Tools 9 or 10 Academic version listed as one of your products. If you do they know you have it and you should get one of these emails very soon. If it is not there then you are going to need to prove to Avid that you own an Academic license to be able to be eligible for the free upgrade.