7 Ways To Host VST or AU Plug-ins In Pro Tools 11 And Earlier Versions

07-10-2013 06:55 PM

TAL are one of the many reasons to use something to host VST and AU plug-ins in Pro Tools
One of the ongoing debates for Pro Tools users is the issue of having AAX compatible plug-ins for Pro Tools 11 and also hosting VST and AU plug-ins in earlier versions of Pro Tools. There’s a lot of cool free plug-ins in VST and AU formats our there, so it’s worth exploring this. Here is our guide to the ways that it can be done.
Vienna VEP5
By far the most comprehensive and best integrated solution. Vienna VEP5 offer AU hosting of both plug-ins and instruments within Pro Tools 11 and earlier. The integration is almost seamless with some very clever tricks. It’s also one the most expensive. Supports Pro Tools 11 and below. Watch our video here
Native Instruments Maschine
Maschine needs no introduction as a complete rhythm production studio. It also hosts AU and VST plug-ins which can run within Pro Tools. Another one of the more costly options but if you already own one then you already have AU and VST support. Supports Pro Tools 10 and below. Watch our video here
Nomad Factory Magma
Nomad Factory Magma is a complete suite of plug-ins that also offers VST hosting of effects but not instruments. It costs $199.00. Watch our video here
REAPER is not as some would suggest a FREE product, it offers a generous unlimited demo but those wishing to use it should pay the $60 price tag. Via ReWire it hosts VST and AU instruments and of course effects can also be used in any insert on those channels. Excellent value and solution. Watch our video here
Plogue Bidule
Bidule is a highly configurable hosting solution that offers both ReWire and support via aggregate devices for both VST and AU instruments and effects. It also has a generous demo period and a price tag of 99 Euros. Watch our video here
VSTLord (Mac Only)
A free hosting solution which can be used via an aggregate device to host VST plug-ins. Watch our video here
Fxpansion VST/RTAS Wrapper
The Fxpansion RTAS to VST wrapper is one of the most used solutions for those wanting to use VST plug-ins in RTAS versions of Pro Tools.