The Most Important Part Of Your Creative Process That No One Can Copy

07-06-2013 08:50 AM

Sometimes when reading the gear list of both professionals and amateurs alike it seems like we all have the same gear. The same DAW, plug-ins, mics, hardware and monitors, it’s inevitable, like it or not, our industry is partly driven by fashion and popularity.
However the good news is that the most important part of your creative process can’t be copied… YOU.
All this gear are just tools in our creative process and in different hands very different results are produced.
That’s why it’s foolish to think that by buying a certain plug-in, mic or compressor you can sound like a famous producer or artist. Don’t get me wrong some brands want you to think you will, that’s why they use artists and producers in their marketing. It’s a practise that’s been going on in marketing for decades, a man smokes a certain cigarette and has a beautiful women hanging off his arm, implying that by smoking that brand you’ll get a hot girl. It’s such a deeply ingrained part of marketing culture most marketeers don’t even realise that’s what is being implied by such marketing.
I remember once being in a studio and the question was asked “what do I need to sound like Sting?” the engineer replied “Sting!”
The bad news is that all the gear in the world is not going to make you sound exactly like someone else. The good news is that you shouldn’t worry about it, you are unique and that’s the thing that will make your recordings stand out.
There’s nothing wrong with trying to replicate a certain drum or guitar sound, we’ve made plenty of videos showing how to do that, but instead of trying to sound like someone else try and find you own sound. After all no one stops in their tracks when they hear something familiar, only when they hear something special.