Update On Satellite Link Concerns In Pro Tools 11 For Post

07-03-2013 10:18 AM

Mike highlighted some concerns about how well Satellite Link is working and what it will and won’t work with.
Avid have told us that “Media Composer 7 was fully tested and qualified with Pro Tools 11”.
However they have confirmed that it currently isn’t possible to use Satellite Link to link at PT11 and PT10 system together. Bob Brown, who is the Audio Video Collaboration Architect at Avid, has reached out and said…
This is a known issue/limitation with Pro Tools 11. Unfortunately, the Satellite protocol needed to change to support various features in Pro Tools 11. We are actively working on a solution for this issue.
They cannot of course say how long this will take or when it will be released but we have been told they are working on it now.
Has anyone had Media Composer 6.5 or 7 working with the Satellite Link with Pro Tools 11? There have been problems reported on the DUC and elsewhere so if anyone can test this and report back that would be really useful.