Pro Tools Templates From Felix T In Podcast 71

07-01-2013 10:16 PM

In Podcast 71 Felix T has won this week’s prize of a white iLok for providing this weeks winning community tip and here is the information and links to the template sessions what Felix sent us.
Firstly, with Pro Tools 11’s new Sends Matrix view, I thought this old Headphone Mix / Talkback Matrix template I made years ago would be welcome. It’s saved in PT7 format to make it as universal as possible but its not compatible with PT6.9 or lower due to sends F - J being used so heavily.

Secondly, not so much a template, more a technique & plug-in preset, is a solution for Input Muting (which I have mentioned on your blog, and else where over the years). This is basically like the Mute Tone plugin, though less fickle, and compatible with all Pro Tools systems and controllers.

There are Read Me documents included, which should be read before opening the sessions, as well as tips in the channel & memory location comments section, just hover your mouse over the comments to reveal full text.