Pro Tools 11 Gives Machines A New Lease Of Life - Have Your Tried It?

06-29-2013 04:51 PM

Seldom does a new version of software come along where users aren’t challenged to buy a new computer. Windows users in particular have spent years playing hardware catch-up as Microsoft release their next version of Windows OS. Mac users have not been exempt either with various Mac apps and OS pushing users into hardware upgrades.
However it would seem that many Pro Tools users are finding a new lease of life in the sessions they are testing. Our team have been doing all we can make Pro Tools fall over, it’s not impossible, but it’s a lot harder than it ever was using previous versions especially with virtual instruments.
The jury is out until we can get to run tests with all our go-to plug-ins, but so far it’s looking good.
Have you tried it yet? If so, what are your results looking like? Is the new computer now put on hold? Let us know your thoughts…