Toontrack Give More Information On AAX Release Roadmap

06-25-2013 12:23 AM

Toontrack have posted more information on their AAX roadmap, in their forum they write;
“Dear users,
Please excuse the following text in bold, but we wanted it to stand out here and avoid creating yet another AAX related topic… feel free to ask any question you may have following this post and we’ll try to answer them ASAP (remember, we are a EU based company however, so it is unlikely to happen until tomorrow morning UTC):

First of all the good news! We have been working VERY hard during Q1 and Q2 2013 to bring you full compatibility with Pro Tools 11, and despite many hurdles we are very much on top of the game.

So you can expect to see Pro Tools 11 compatible AAX for Superior, EZdrummer and EZmix within 2 weeks, if not before this coming Friday… we are really that close to release and it is merely a matter of ensuring that what we release actually works with ALL supported hosts versions, namely Pro Tools 10.3.5, 10.3.6 and 11.0.0… it would really make no sense to shave a couple of days and skip this last check, creating unnecessary frustration among our user base.

The bad news is that the delay of several months that the PT11 release / migration of the iLok copy protection system has incurred has in the meantime forced us to divert our efforts in coding in such a way that the other plug-ins in the Toontrack line are currently in a state that requires us to thoroughly check the code changes made these last few months and make sure we don’t introduce new bugs across the board (meaning both for PT users and those relying on other hosts). Again, it would make no sense for us to skip this quality control, which we believe is a hallmark of Toontrack products!

Still, we hope to bring you the EZkeys AAX within 2 weeks, in addition to the above mentioned three, that is currently our priority. Sadly the other plug-ins will have to wait until our coding team come back from summer vacation, having a well deserved break and recharging their batteries for the exciting times ahead, in 2013 and beyond.

We believe that with what we are planning to release within the next 2 weeks the inconvenience to our Pro Tools users will be minimal… thank you for your patience and support!