Eleven LE And Smack LE Both Authorising Full Versions In Pro Tools 11

06-24-2013 10:46 AM

Community member Shane Felton has come across a nice little Easter Egg with Pro Tools 11, which is that Eleven LE and Smack LE licences will unlock Eleven and Smack in AAX.
Top Jimmy went on to write in the DUC “It appears that simply renaming “Eleven LE.dpm” to “Eleven.dpm” and “Smack! LE.dpm” to “Smack! TDM.dpm” will trigger the updater to install the 64-bit AAX native versions that do authorize with the LE licenses.”
This may either be a nice bonus or a cock-up, either way it’s worth knowing. The entire thread in the DUC is here