New AIR Instrument Expansion Pack 2.0 Features In Detail

06-23-2013 06:00 PM

As we posted yesterday AIR plan to relase v2.0 versions of their highly popular instruments, the deatils of new features are;

Hybrid 2.0

  • New Second Filter
    Side-by-side, inline, stereo, or per oscillator routings
  • New Pump LFO
    Create the popular pumping and breathing dance music effect
  • New Preset Browser
    View, save, delete, and rename patches from within Hybrid 2.0
  • Over 150 new patches
    Created by the legendary AIR sound designers

Structure 2.0

  • Nearly 20 GB of new data
  • New FX category with 25 patches
  • New Pop Brass & Woodwind category with 63 patches
  • New World Category with 62 patches
    • 386 new patches total
    • 13 Acoustic Drums; Garage, Rock, and Brush kits
    • 78 Acoustic Percussion; Taiko, Gong, Shakers, Wood Block
    • 29 Electronic Drums; Urban and Dance styles
    • 24 Orchestral; Chamber Violins, Solo Strings, Trumpet, Flugelhorn
    • 19 Keyboards; Upright Piano, Toy Piano, Harpsichord
    • 25 Pitched Percussion; Hand Bells, Drinking Glasses and Windchimes
    • 6 Choral; Whistles and Overtone Singing
    • 8 Guitars; Jazz Guitars, Ukulele, Lute, and Banjo
    • 3 Basses; including Indie Bass
    • 2 Synth Basses; Fat Pulse and Faithful FM
    • 21 Poly Synth
    • 8 Synth Pads

Strike 2.0

  • Easier editing of complex, fast grooves in the Editor
  • Totally new and improved user interface
    All 12 drum kit instrument channels now shown on one screen
  • Nearly 30 GB (uncompressed) of new content; 50 new styles
  • Audio and MIDI recording and export
  • Improved tabbed browser
    Quickly view settings, mixes, kits and styles, etc.
  • New BPM or style name browser sorting options
    Toggle view to show either list of all settings or genre folders
  • Solo Safe mode
  • New option to set or change content file location from within Strike

Transfuser 2.0

  • New Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer
    Classic “old-school” analog and cutting-edge modern sounds
  • New Polyphonic Electric Synthesizer
    The in-demand sound of vintage electric pianos
  • New Sequencers
    • Poly Sequencer
      Sends MIDI data to a Transfuser Synthesizer module
    • Chord Sequencer
      Sends chords, strums, and their polyphonic notes to a synth module

  • New Drum Kit Randomizer
  • Sound Randomizer now available in all synth modules
  • New Multi Tool
  • 1,272 new drum machine samples
  • Over 3,200 new loops & samples

Velvet 2.0

  • New Hohner Pianet-T model
    Faithfully emulates this unique instrument from the ‘60s and ‘70s
  • New routing options for compressor (Pre- or Post-FX)
  • 70 new and many updated presets
  • New Vintage Mode switch (Timbre controls)
    Recreates the electric piano as heard on countless vintage recordings.
  • New Configuration Page
    Settings for pedal noise, effects routing, and the content file location