AAX Native Plug-Ins Working So Far In Pro Tools 11

06-23-2013 12:11 PM

We’ve been busy testing plug-ins in Pro Tools 11 and are glad to report the following confirmed as working so far - please note that using the Avid plug-in page on their site yeilds incorrect results when choosing AAX 64bit Native so please take care.
Blue Cat Audio
Blue Cat’s Free Pack: Blue Cat’s Liny EQ, Protector, Oscilloscope Multi,StereoScope Multi, FreqAnalyst Multi, DP Meter Pro, Chorus, Phaser, Flanger, Triple EQ,Gain Suite, FreqAnalyst
All Fabfilter plug-ins are working in Pro Tools 11
Vienna Symphonic
VEP5 is working and can host all AU versions of VIs and plug-ins not yet AAX compatible. Offline bounce works with instruments both in stereo and in multi output, but not audio plug-ins, these must be done in realtime. Some VIs tested include Spectrasonics and Superior hosted via VEP5.
Reason via ReWire is working. Offline bounce is working too.
Bidule is working with ReWire support and can be used to host AU and VST versions of plug-ins not yet in AAX versions. Offline bounce of instruments hosted in Plogue only works in ReWire audio mode.
All plug-ins that ship free with Pro Tools are working. The full list is BF76, Channel Strip, D-verb, Dither, Downmixer, Dyn3 Comp, De-Ess and Expander Gate. EQ3 1 and 7 band, Focusrite D2 and D3, Joe Meek Comp and Eq, Lo-Fi, Mastermeter, Maxim, Mod Delay III, POW-r Dither, Pro Comp, Lim and Expander. Recti-i, Reel Tape, SansAmp PSA1, Sci-Fi, Tel Ray, Time Adjusterr, Voce Bundle.
AIR Music Tech
AIR Creative collection featuring Boom, Vacuum, DB33, Mini Grand and Xpand 2, plus AIR effects are working.

As you can see McDSP have 4020, 4030, 4040, 6030, ML4000 ML1 and ML4 running.
Plug-In Alliance
All plug-in Alliance plug-ins are working
You may also notice in the screen shots other vendors, this is where plug-ins show up but do not actually work at the moment. If you have any others working and links to new downloaders then please let us know.