Latest Advice From The iLok Team Regarding Surrender Issues

06-23-2013 09:53 AM

We have just had this announcement from the iLok team..
We wanted to let you know that we’ve fixed the great majority of the surrender cases. The slowest part of the process now is answering each and every one of the support tickets to let you know. We will continue to answer each ticket, but we felt that announcing it here would reach more of you more quickly. If you find you are all set after following the steps below, please write back on the last email you received from us letting us know your issue is resolved. That will help us move more quickly to the next person’s case.

Please check your account now. You should see your license(s) available for activation.

Please note that in some cases, a Sync/Repair operation may be required if your new license isn’t authorizing the associated software to run.

See the Sync/Repair instructions on the Known Issues page and follow them carefully.

Please note that we have scheduled downtime tonight beginning at 9:00pm PST in order to do some hardware upgrades to increase system stability and performance. We anticipate this downtime to be short. We apologize for the inconvenience, but it is important for us to do this to improve the current infrastructure.