iLok Offer Possible Solution For Pro Tools 11 Licence Surrender Issues

06-23-2013 12:19 AM

We’ve just had word from Andrew at iLok who are continuing to look into the problem that some users are having with Pro Tools 11 licence surrender issues. He writes…
“Hi Russ,
Quick note as I am working support queue right now. We are seeing some people getting stuck in the surrender update.
They should go to the top page of if they have this issue after a sync-repair or attempt to surrender update in some situations. Many of these are cases where a sync-repair was needed prior. We have a tool internally to help people quickly and we are actively working to handle all support tickets. We are also working on a broader server fix.
We understand how excited people are about Pro Tools 11 and working to get them to the point where they can complete their upgrade.

Best regards,