Continuing Issues With iLok An Pro Tools 11

06-22-2013 07:33 PM

We are aware that some of you are having problems getting your new shiny Pro Tools 11 license bundles onto your iLok.
If it is any conciliation I completely failed to be able to do anything with the iLok License Manager several hours ago when I was trying to get the Pro Tools 11 bundle onto one of my iLoks. As I had a spare iLok in the drawer (I keep one ready in case one of my iLoks fails that are covered by Zero Downtime to put the temporary licenses onto) I decided to use that to sidestep the need to ‘surrender’ my existing Pro Tools 10 license, also it meant I wasn’t having to use the License Manager with my main iLok with nearly 200 licenses on it.
When I booted the License Manager it took a very long time before it would even let me Sign In. It just sat there saying “Operation In Progress”. Eventually it finished whatever it was doing and let me sign in. Again it took a very long time before it recognised my iLok and listed all my licenses, it wasn’t looking good.
I put my new iLok in and it picked it up straight away so I registered it to my account and that took a very long time with no indication it was doing anything. It did finally register it and then I renamed it and that went through very quickly. Then I tried to transfer the Pro Tools 11 bundle on it and after another period of no apparent activity, suddenly the iLok I had just renamed, ‘lost’ its new name and defaulted back to its serial number as a name. After waiting a lot more time clearly nothing was happening, I restarted the License Manager and repeated it all again with the same result. With that, I decided to leave it all alone for a few hours and come back to it later.
3 hours later, I tried it all again and this time everything happened as normal, no appreciable delays, and was able to get my Pro Tools 11 bundle onto my newly registered and renamed iLok.
The moral of the story is if the iLok Manager appears to be unresponsive, then leave it alone and come back and try again later. Repeated clicking on buttons will not make it work faster, it is much more likely to cause problems that will then need intervention from the iLok team. They are aware that work needs to be done on getting better feedback, whilst using the iLok Manager, but for now please be patient.
Whilst I am talking about iLok issues, some people have been sending very angry and abusive emails to our support email address. That will get you nowhere. If you are sending similarly abusive emails to the iLok team then that also will not help you either. Yes there are problems, and the iLok team are working flat out to fix them but shouting and being abusive will not help. What they need is clear and comprehensive reporting of the problems you are having in a politely worded email. That will get you a much better, and I suspect faster, response that shouting and being abusive. No one likes being shouted at so please don’t shout at us or the iLok team.