Give Pro Tools 11 A 64 Bit Icon On A Mac

06-22-2013 01:10 AM

It’s slighlty odd that the new 64 bit Pro Tools 11 still sports the old App Icon, even moreso when you run both 10 and 11 as a co-install and you find the icons in your dock are both the same. But you can make them look like the image below.

First download this Pro Tools 11 64bit GIF first.
Once you’ve downloaded it then open it in Preview on a Mac, CMD “A” to select the entire image and copy it to the clipboard.
Go to your Applications folder and CMD “I” on the Pro Tools 11 Application to get the info dialogue box to pop up.

Select the Pro Tools icon in the top left of the dialogue box so it shows a blue highlight around it, then CMD “V” to paste the new icon, you should see it change.
Pro Tools 11 now has the App icon it should have. Enjoy!
I’m sure Neil will let Windows users know how to do the same thing.