Avid Release Pro Tools 11 - Review To Follow Shortly

06-21-2013 05:19 PM

Avid have not quite taken it to the wire; today, the longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere, Avid has released Pro Tools 11. Whilst we are putting together a video review of Pro Tools 11, here is a recap of the highlights of the many differences that the upgraded Pro Tools 11 will make to us…
Back on April 8th, when Avid announced Pro Tools 11 at NAB, we produced a 45 minute video podcast with screen shots and the first news about what was inside Pro Tools 11. We had a sneak peak at some of the shortcuts that would be available. We also put together here a written story covering all the new features in Pro Tools 11, if you prefer to read something.
At Musikmesse, Russ was able to get up close and see some of the features and he made this video. Whilst at NAB, Mike was able to talk to Blackmagic & AJA about the new video support features in Pro Tools 11 and chat with Rich Holmes & Tom Graham from Avid on the back story behind the four years it took to create Pro Tools 11.
We produced a Pro Tools 11 FAQ to help answer some of the key questions and Lev Perry went on camera to answer questions (like ones about UAD’s support of Pro Tools 11 offline bounce).
There was critism that the claims made was ‘exponential performance gains’ maybe hype. However, we saw some screenshots of a session running in both Pro Tools 10 and Pro Tools 11 and the claims were also supported by a software developer too.
We had an exclusive screen grab showing the difference between the Audio Engine settings, showing how much simpler Pro Tools 11 would be, supporting Avid’s claim that they were trying to make Pro Tools 11 so that ‘creatives can get on with creating’.
Finally, after Mediaspec’s Pro Tools 11 preview event we asked real people for their comments on Pro Tools 11.
Now the moment has arrived when we can all get our hands on Pro Tools 11 and find out how much better it will be for ourselves—cannot wait…..