Latest Update From The iLok Team

06-19-2013 09:47 AM

The team have been working flat out improving the quality of service for iLok users and they have asked us to post this update…
All operations should be faster. Sync/repair may take a few minutes still, longer with iLoks with over a hundred licenses.
Sync repair is NOT needed ongoing. Just one successful sync repair should do the trick.
iLok License Manager errors that should all be gone

  • Unable to Sign In (you may have to wait a little bit)
  • Internet connection unavailable
  • An unknown error occurred
  • An unexpected error occurred
  • An unexpected authorization error occurred
  • License not found on server
  • Cannot activate to this location (only when you really cannot).
  • Session you were using is no longer valid

The Sync Repair Operation will fix the following types of issues:

  • Protected software no longer functions or DAW doesn’t see iLok
  • Licenses missing from iLok or User account
  • Licenses converted to “Temporary”
  • Unable to synchronize iLok or fails to complete
  • Synchronize removes valid licenses from iLok
  • Unable to activate and deactivate licenses
  • Unable to transfer license to another user
  • Transferred license fails with multiple authorizations error
  • Expired Trial/Demo licenses cannot be deactivated/removed from iLok
  • Note: Sync/Repair now automatically deactivates expired auths from the iLok back to the account. This is an interim fix to get rid of expired licenses that can get in the way of a real one on the same iLok2 when using Interlok-based software. It may cause some confusion, “Where did it go?” or “I had 50, why are there only 46 now?” We are not done fixing this but it will help.
  • Locked Group (Bundle) seem to split across iLoks

There are a few users that are in what iLok call a ‘mid state’ and they are working hard to get those users back to normal.
It does look at if they are finally getting things working properly. We are hearing from users that things are much faster and licenses are ‘coming back’.
If you haven’t yet downloaded and used the iLok Manager if you have some downtime coming you might want to consider using it. But again if you are in the middle of mission critical work then our advice is wait until you have a break.