Synchro Arts Offer VocALign LE With DV Toolkit Users An Upgrade Path

06-17-2013 09:08 PM

Owners of some of the bundles from Avid may not realize that some of the software included (in particular cut-down versions) are made for Avid and then the responsibilty to upgrade them is Avid’s. VocALign LE was one such product, made for DV Toolkit users, but a vital part of their workflow.
Avid have made no indication of plans to make or commission an AAX update, which would have left many users moving to Pro Tools 11 high and dry. Revoice Pro is currently AAX ready and all other versions will be ported in the near future. Any user buying a version will get a FREE upgrade to the AAX version when it ships.
Synchro Arts, have decided to make sure users of their products are not left without a version so are offering the following deal.
VocALign LE Upgrades
Synchro Arts are offering owners of the AVID/Digidesign VocALign LE licenses $100 (£65 or €78) off the prices of VocALign Project 3, VocALign PRO 4 or Revoice Pro.

  • This offer is valid until the end of August 2013.
  • The new Synchro Arts product iLok license will be delivered into the user’s account which holds the VocALign LE license being upgraded.
  • This upgrade can be purchases here

Good for Synchro Arts for helping users if migrating to Pro Tools 11.