Updated Advice And Fix For iLok Users Still Having Problems

06-15-2013 03:27 PM

The iLok Team have been working flat out trying to resolve the issues that some users have been having and have released the following updated advice
Sync/Repair has been updated
June 15, 2013 02:53 PST
Traffic volume continues to be high and some users are reporting that they cannot connect. Please be patient and if you get an error message, please wait awhile and try your operation again. We are working to improve performance levels.

June 15, 2013 00:40 PST
If some of your authorizations (licenses) show as being on your iLok but are not authorizing the software, or if some of your authorizations appear to be missing, this may be caused by a mismatch between the data on your iLok and on our server. This data issue was related to a complex data migration of tens of millions of licenses delivered to users via many different methods, and has been resolved. Please know that your licenses have not been permanently damaged or removed from your iLok in any way; all of your non-expiring authorizations are still on your iLok and they have not expired.

We now have steps for you to follow to correct the license information and restore your authorizations to their proper state.
IMPORTANT: For the quickest and best result, we recommend going through these steps with each iLok individually, with ONLY that iLok plugged in.
The first generation iLok is not as speedy as the second generation iLok; please be patient as this type of iLok will take longer and the process may seem slow or like nothing is happening. Don’t quit the process, leave it alone until it is finished. Seriously! Don’t touch the keyboard.

  • Unplug all iLoks from your computer.
  • Launch iLok License Manager. If you see “operation in progress” immediately upon launching, wait until the message clears before signing in. BE PATIENT. Do not close the application. When the initial operation is finished, sign in.
  • Plug in ONE iLok.
  • Double-click the plugged in iLok in the left-hand location column to open the Details Pane.
  • Click the “Sync/Repair” link, and wait until the process completes. Again, be patient and let it do its job. The progress bar may flicker and at some points it may look like nothing is happening but you need to wait for the confirmation that the process is finished. This may take some time, especially for a first generation iLok.
  • Verify that all expected licenses are now seen on your iLok, or in some cases, a license may be in your account instead of on the iLok.

Repeat steps 3-6 until you have performed a Sync/Repair on each iLok.
We realize that this may have led to an interruption in your ability to work and we are very sorry for any inconvenience we have inadvertently caused. Our engineering team is continuing to work on improving our products and services. Many users are now reporting much better performance and we are striving to continue this trend. As we may have said to you before, we truly appreciate your patience with us through this major release.
I have been one of these affected users and I cannot stress enough the need to be patient. Unfortunately the progress bar can be misleading and it can appear that nothing is happening. Please resist all attempts to ‘help’ it along’, it won’t help, it will just make things worse. This includes, when you start up the License Manager waiting before it will let you sign in, that can take some time, and by that I mean several minutes so please, please be patient. The Sync/Repair process can take 5 minutes especially if you have a lot of licenses on your iLok but again please be patient and wait fro it to complete. The good news is that it does work and it may take you a little while to get each iLok resolved but it will resolve it. I was working with the iLok team at 1:30am for them and they were still hard at it.