Neyrinck Announces 64 Bit AAX Plug-Ins Ready for Pro Tools 11

06-14-2013 06:14 PM

Another software developer is ready for Pro Tools 11. Neyrinck has announced that they will deliver two compatible 64-bit AAX DSP and AAX Native plug-ins in time for the Avid Pro Tools 11 release, including SoundCode LtRt Tools and V-Mon.

SoundCode LtRt Tools is a suite of Pro Tools AAX Native 64 and AAX DSP 64 encode, decode and monitor plug-ins designed for post-production studios TV mixers, video game mixers and broadcasters that monitor or deliver stereo down mixed and LtRt encoded audio.

V-Mon is a powerful AAX DSP 64 surround monitoring plug-in system for Pro Tools HDX and HD Accel systems. It can handle multiple inputs and speaker feeds up to 7.1 and is compatible with the TAC Systems VMC-101 remote controller.