Official - Some Of The Team Are Still Apple Fanboys

06-11-2013 06:25 PM

Part of Russ’ sightseeing tour in New York this year
Wow! It seems that some of our intitial letting off of steam on the podcast last night was taken to mean everything from me wanting to shoot myself to a conspiracy to sell Pro Tools PCs.
The podcast responses were simply the team, whilst watching the WWDC with one eye and recording a show at the same time, expressing our early thoughts about the new Mac Pro. After a serious amount of cider and a night’s sleep I feel a little better about it today, I may well end up buying the thing, after all it is shiny and does have an Apple logo on it!
Normal service will resume and I’ll continue to rip Neil apart for him thinking round computers are as silly as the notion of the earth being round. Please continue to feel free to express your views, but also appreciate we will do that too.