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    The Soundpeak Reliability Survey

    There's some stuff, software or hardware, that sounds fantastic but plays havoc when it comes to reliability.

    The Roland SH101 mono synth for example. This would be a great little synth if it would stay in tune for more than two consecutive notes and consequently scores -1 on the reliability scale.

    Sony Acid 7 on the other hand never crashes. Load it up on the most unreliable laptop and it will remain solid as a rock for years.

    My old PC... Bullet proof... My new multicore 64bit beasty... As skittish as a racehorse with a radish up its bum.

    I have a roland juno synth that I've used live at every gig I've ever played without any drama and I also have a useless pile of circuit-boards that used to be a roland D50 before all the important parts fell off.


    Feel free to list here, stuff that is as reliable as a faithful old sheepdog...

    and also, warn us of software or hardware that is as unreliable as a mangy mongrel.

    Think of it as a public service.


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    All good
    I have loggin trouble still. I have to log in repeatedly.
    Log in evry 15 mins or so. The only board im involved in where this happens.
    Ios6 safari is to blame as it doesnt happen when using pc.

    Really enjoying it otherwise.

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