Universal Audio Announce UAD 7.01

06-08-2013 09:06 AM

UAD have announced what they describe as ‘an important update’ version 7.01.
UAD v7.0 software represented an update to our entire UAD codebase, and we’ve identified and fixed a few bugs in a new maintenance release, UAD software v7.0.1.
Here’s the specifics:

  • UAD plug-in status display is restored in the UAD Meter & Control Panel application
  • Resolved issue where plug-in controls could jump to maximum when using the scroll wheel under 32-bit hosts
  • (UAD-2 Satellite) Resolved issue preventing adjustment of the UAD FireWire Bandwidth Allocation
  • (Apollo 16) Important Apollo firmware update
  • (Ocean Way Studios plug-in) Corrected behavior of Master Level fader in Reverb mode

Visit the UAD Software Download Page today to install v7.0.1 software. And feel free to contact our Customer Support team with any questions, using the links below.