Engadget Report "Pro Announcements" Coming At WWDC 2013

06-05-2013 02:21 PM

Engadget are running a story of predictions for the upcoming WWDC conference.
The predictions include the long awaited Mac Pro and more Pro features in OS X. Intel offer a prediction that the wait was because of the Intel Haswell-based processor, they say “While Apple isn’t always the fastest to adopt new chips, it tends to be part of the first wave — and we’re in just such a wave with Intel’s Haswell-based, fourth-generation Core processors”
They go on to say “The Mac Pro is another matter. Apple has uncharacteristically gone out of its way to say that yes, Virginia, there should be a pro desktop replacement this year…. If a new Mac Pro (or a system like it) is coming at WWDC, the machine would most likely be a modernization that supports USB 3.0, Thunderbolt and recent advances in both storage and video cards.”
Furthermore they suggest that a new iteration of Mac OS is on the cards with “Pro” features. They say “It believes that the update will be less about adapting iOS features and more about pleasing power users.”
If that is true then that will be welcome, whilst I’m a Mac Fanboy, I’m a little fed up of Apple trying to turn my desktop machine into a giant iPhone.
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