Concerns Over The Future Of Serato's Pitch n' Time Pro Plug-in

06-05-2013 09:00 AM

Serato have made no secret since the release of Pro Tools 10 that their Pitch n’Tome Pro plug-in was not compatible with Pro Tools 10. With the immenent release of Pro Tools 11 and theneed for AAX 64 bit plug-ins to work with PT11, some of the community have been in touch concerned about the future of Pitch n’ Time Pro from Serato. Chris Matthey for example says…
I’m sending you this this email to let you know about a problem concerning Serato Pitch n’ Time Pro, which is not compatible with PT10 and, by extension, PT11. PnTPro is a crucial tool in Drums editing for example and I think Serato is being really disrespectful to their customers who bought the license and who can’t use it anymore due to compatibility problems. I’m sure i’m not the only one who is upset with Serato. Thanks again Regards Chris
Although offically Pitch n’ Time is not supported for Pro Tools 10, it seems that it works for most people as long as you make sure the handles are set to 0, although some users have reported their Pro Tools won’t boot if the plug-in is present. On Serato’s forum there are a number of posts with a standard response
We currently do not have a release of Pitch ‘n Time that supports Pro Tools 11, but we are working on a future release for Pro Tools 11 compatibility. Serato will continue to offer free technical support to owners of Pitch ‘n Time with currently supported software platforms (including Pro Tools versions 7 to Pro Tools 9).
However with a little more digging on their site, this
Unfortunately Pro Tools 10 is not supported as we have not done thorough testing with this platform. It may work but we can’t guarantee there won’t be any bugs or issues. We are wanting to support this properly at some stage but I couldn’t say when this will happen sorry.
And another saying
I’m afraid our official message about support in Pro Tools 10 that Scott entered above still stands at this point. We are planning to support Pitch ‘n Time in Pro Tools going forward, but we don’t have any announcements to make about this right now. Apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.
It does seem as if Serato are more interested in the DJ and consumer type products rather than actively supporting their professional product Pitch N Time, which has fans in both music and especially post production. We would like to get a sense of whether there is a real commercially viable response for Pitch n’ Time or whether it is only a few users who will miss this plug-in.
I personally do miss Pitch n’ Time, it was my ‘go to’ plug-in for pitch and tempo changing, but since Pro Tools 10 I have found it not very reliable and so tend to use X-Form these days but I would value having Pitch n’ Time back.
Do comment if you are concerned that you might loose Pitch n’ Time Pro or if you have already found a viable alternative for it. Please can we be ‘grown up’ about this and respect everyone including Serato.