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    Post Why You Need To Start Collecting Fans Emails

    Why You Need To Start Collecting Fans Emails

    04-24-2015 07:03 AM

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    When it comes to promoting and networking the first thing most DJs immediately jump to is social media, "get a Facebook page and create an event," or "get a Soundcloud account and send out your mixes". While social media has it's place in promotion, DJs are missing out on a platform that has more users than Facebook and Twitter combined, plus more engaged users. Is this a brand new platform that just launched? Is it Facegramsnap? it's email. Today, David King, founder of Receiver, is going to share how to collect fans emails and why it's superior to social media for reach and engagement.

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    Dear David King,

    first you (should) "need" to learn how to build a website which is not totally blank white to the user who is aware of the crap tracking, surveillance and security threats of the internet.
    And maybe then after that, you have something interesting and something remarkable to say to me which really has to do with art and not just business, tittytainment* and the ego.


    * The Global Trap
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