Nugen Audio Release Loudness Toolkit 2 At NAB 2015

04-08-2015 03:00 PM

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Nugen Audio have been at the forefront of loudness workflows and providing great tools to enable us to work easily and quickly. Not satisfied with standing still, they have been working hard improving the three tools in their Loudness Toolkit 2, VisLM, ISL and LM-Correct. The new features in each move them onto another level.
LM-Correct Loudness Correction Tool

  • Single-click analysis and correction to accelerate workflow, executing loudness analysis and correction at up to 100 times real time.
  • Enhanced processing criteria to meet increasingly complex target requirements for today’s ever-changing loudness landscape.
  • Combined program and short-term or momentary loudness correction that enables simple compliance with new regulations, including the recent supplement for short-form content creations (EBU R128 S1).
  • A new LRA targeting option to automatically adjust audio to meet specific LRA targets.
  • See our exclusive sneak preview video of LM-Correct2 from BVE recently.

Nugen Audio ISL True Peak Limiter

  • New Intelligent Dynamic Release Mode to enhance algorithm transparency by automatically adjusting to program content in real time.
  • User interface workflow and display enhancements, including waveform visualisation and new readouts that indicate surround ducking and steering. The user interface also now includes a horizontal compact view as well as vertical view modes.
  • Advanced Variable Centre Channel link settings including new controls to tame steering and ducking and prevent the centre channel from driving side channel behaviour unpredictably.
  • See our exclusive sneak preview of ISL2.

Nugen Audio VisLM-H Loudness Meter

  • A Timecode and Loudness Profile Memory Function that tracks and retains the timecode and loudness profile so that the overall loudness measurement can be updated automatically at any time. This profile can be saved with the session, so that re-measuring and rebooting delays can be eliminated.
  • A new Program Loudness Over-dub Mode, which memorizes the program loudness profile so that only changes need to be measured. The changes are then integrated automatically with the memorised loudness profile to provide accurate program loudness readings on the fly.
  • New zoomable and scrollable history and log file capabilities that allow detailed inspection of the entire file history using customisable parameters. A text file summary can also be created.
  • A fully resizable and configurable interface that is now completely adjustable to show exactly what is required maximizing precious screen real-estate.

Nugen Audio have produced some of the best tools to help us produce loudness complaint content quickly and easily. With the new features added in Loudness Toolkit 2, they have taken three great tools and made them even better and so we would like to award Nugen Audio Editors Choice for the Loudness Toolkit 2.