Sunday Sound Effects Round Up - Airborne Sound, Rabbit Ears Audio, Foley Collection, Chuck Russom FX

04-05-2015 09:00 AM

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Airborne Sound Release Free Sound Library - Concourse

The Concourse Crowds sound library captures a small area of Toronto called Path in the heart of the city’s financial district features a sprawling underground labyrinth of 29 kilometers (18 miles) of tunnels. Concourse consists of 25 sounds in 1.69 gigabytes an features a variety of density: thousands of commuters, a handful of pedestrians, and amounts in between. There are wide lobbies and narrow passageways. The collection includes tracks with voices, footstep-dominant selections, and a mix.
The Concourse Crowds sound clips were recorded to provide you texture and energy. They’re not meant to be headlining tracks. Instead, dip the volume and slip them behind your other audio to fill out your scenes. The wash of thousands of pedestrians will thicken a track. High heels and footsteps will add crisp texture to your soundtrack. Muted financial conversations with occassional business lingo will compliment more refined scenes.

Price: Concourse is free from Airborne Sound
Rabbit Ears Audio Offer the Steam Bundle For A Limited Period

Since releasing Steam Whistles they have received a number of requests to package the Steam Whistle collection with Antique Engines. They agreed that they are a perfect match and are now offering both at a discount as the Steam Bundle.

You can get the Steam Bundle for $170 until April 6th.
Foley Collection Offer Easter Sales Until April 7th

Buy anything on the Foley Collection catalogue before April 7th and get 25% off automatically.
Foley Collection are foley based sounds that you play on a keyboard. Watch our Foley Collection show & tell review here to see how Foley Collection works.
Chuck Russom FX Offers Birthday Sale Until April 11th

If you spend $25 at Chuck Russom FX then you can save 20%, spend more than $50 and save 30%, spend over $100 and save 40% and spend over $200 and save 50%.
Whats more if you buy before April 6th you will get an additional 10% discount on top.
The only thing that isn’t in the sale is the Everything Bundle.