Sneak Preview: The First Look At VisLM2 From Nugen Audio

04-02-2015 10:00 AM

Mike gets the first sneak preview of the new Nugen Audio VisLM2 loudness meter. VisLM2 joins ISL2 and LM-Correct2 to make up the new Loudness Toolkit 2 that Nugen Audio will release at NAB 2015. Watch and see the new features Nugen Audio have added to VisLM to make it even better.
What’s New In Nugen Audio’s VisLM2?

  • A Timecode and Loudness Profile Memory Function that tracks and retains the timecode and loudness profile so that the overall loudness measurement can be updated automatically at any time. This profile can be saved with the session, and re-measuring and rebooting delays are eliminated.
  • ReMEM(TM) Rewritable Memory Edit Mode allows program loudness over-dubbing for enhanced workflow efficiency. This memorizes the program loudness profile so that only changes need to be measured. The changes are then integrated automatically and intelligently with the memorized loudness profile to provide accurate program loudness readings on the fly.
  • New zoomable and scrollable history and log file capabilities that allow detailed inspection of the entire file history using customizable parameters. A text file summary can also be created.
  • A fully resizable and configurable interface that is now completely adjustable to show exactly what is required with unsurpassed clarity, maximizing precious screen real-estate.