Sunday Sound Effects Round Up - A Sound Effect, Sonic Salute, Sound Collectors Club

03-29-2015 03:00 PM

Tokyo City From A Sound Effect

In this collection you get the authentic sounds of Tokyo City in this library from Original Sounds. It features everything from sounds captured in the city centre, busy streets, pedestrian streets, parks, residential areas, trains and subways – exterior and interior recordings captured at different times of day. Over 100 minutes of recordings of Japan’s capital city.

Price of Tokyo City is $59.88 inc vat.
The Undercover Sound FX Library From Sonic Salute

  • 282 strange, ghostly and spy-like sounds collected from 2 old analog dictaphones, 1 portable cassette recorder, 1 very small digital dictaphone, 3 portable modern recorders, 1 video cam, and finally 1 very famous portable Reel to Reel recorder (a Nagra IS).
  • 136 tracks of, Microphone bumps, lav. Microphone put on clothes, Microphone Feedback, Microphone Noises, and the sounds of the inside of a video cams Mechanics.
  • 41 tracks of, Dictaphone & Cassette Processed (Kyma, GRM Tools, SoundToys) Sounds, weird telephone answering machine noises, Buttons, Play, Rewinds, and Fast Forward sounds.
  • 82 Reel To Reel sounds. Buttons, Tape on, Rewinds/Fast forwards, Manual searching and scratches, where the recorded sounds are heard through the internal speaker of the tape recorder, as well as recorded line out.
  • 23 Various processed (Kyma, GRM Tools, SoundToys) sounds. Different stuff speed up, and mangled.

The price of Undercover Sound FXs is $54 inc vat.
New Theme For The Sound Collectors Club - Quiet Crowds

The latest theme is chosen by Sound Collectors Club member Eric Mooney. Walla of a crowd that’s trying to be quiet. An example of this would be at a library, or someplace similar where people are speaking very quietly and maybe even whispering occasionally. There could also be some fairly quiet and subtle movements taking place in the background. This seems like it would be a great backdrop of audio that could be used in pretty wide variety of scenes. This is something that I don’t have very much (if any) of.
If you would like to know more about Sound Collectors Club then read our interview with Sound Collectors Club founder Michael Maroussas.
“How I Work” Interview With Michael O’Connor

Pro Sound Effects has posted a new interview with sound designer and editor Michael O’Connor as part of their “How I Work” Series. How I Work asks sound designers in film, video games, and advertising what inspires them and what tools allow them to get their work done from day to day. Based in Los Angeles, O’Connor has worked on feature films such as Echo Lake and Cruel Will as well as popular TV series like Duck Dynasty, Shark Week, Auction Hunters and more. In describing a typical day, O’Connor tol us…
For my TV sound editing work, I have a diligent 10-hour work schedule per 22-minute show. Within this timeframe, I organize the session, edit the music, edit the existing SFX from editors, cut in ambience, perform a spotting session for missing SFX, and finally (the fun part) cut in Foley.
A Sound Effect Interview With Michel From BONSON About Creating Wings

From tiny insects to small birds, from fairies to dragons, Wings offers a creative palette with a diverse range of sounds to choose from. Michel explains…
The process for the sound design was totally intuitive. I was hearing the source material and doing tests, changing pitch, equalization, layering files, and all the techniques sound designers normally use. When I heard something interesting and that I could relate that sound to, for example a dragon, I started trying to create enough material for that creature. Sometimes I started in the opposite way trying to get the sound of a pegasus for example, and then I started hearing sounds with feathers that could work when mixed with sounds of other props that could give the weight of the big wings of a pegasus. I would say that it was a lot of trial and errors.
You can read the full interview on the A Sound Effect Blog.