iZotope Announces RX Loudness Control

03-27-2015 09:00 AM

iZotope have announced its new RX Loudness Control plug-in. With RX Loudness Control, video and audio editors will be able to choose the broadcast standard they wish to adhere to from a set of global templates. In faster than real time, RX Loudness Control will automatically analyze the audio and render out a compliant file and an accompanying .CSV-formatted loudness report in just two clicks.
Matt Hines, Product Manager at iZotope told us…
We’re thrilled to offer post and broadcast professionals an automatic loudness correction solution that meets their needs for quality and accuracy. RX Loudness Control will give users absolute confidence in their work, while being easy to use and compatible with most major audio and video-editing platforms.
The intelligent DSP processing inside RX Loudness Control is brand new and has been developed specifically to guarantee transparent loudness correction, and to offer loudness tolerance metering across a range of program types. RX Loudness Control supports mono, stereo, and surround channel counts, up to 5.1, for seamless integration into any workflow.
iZotope have not released any previews of the GUI yet, but as soon as we have more we will bring it to you.
Visitors at NAB 2015 Can See The First Public Presentation Of RX Loudness Control

NAB attendees will be able to see the first public presentation of RX Loudness Control, as well as RX 4 audio repair and enhancement, on the show floor and at the CPUG Las Vegas SuperMeet at the Riviera Hotel Royale Ballroom on Tuesday, April 14 at 7 pm. We hope to be able to bring a sneak peek after NAB so everyone else can see it.
RX Loudness Control Compatibility

RX Loudness Control will support the AudioSuite DPM and AAX plug-in standards for Avid Media Composer and Pro Tools. RX Loudness Control is also going to be integrated into Adobe Premiere Pro’s open extension API, bringing offline loudness-compliant processing to the Adobe platform for the first time ever.
RX Loudness Control Pricing & Availability

RX Loudness Control is available for pre-order at NAB 2015 at a special introductory price of $299 (£205 / €279) Once the introductory price finishes then the MSRP will be $349 (€325 / £239), with an expected release in Spring 2015.