Defaulter From Quiet Art Just Gets Better With RMS Detection

03-26-2015 08:50 AM

Defaulter is a great tool and now it has got better. Defaulter v1.5 has added RMS detection which makes it much more useful in a loudness workflow where normalising to an average is the order of the day rather than normalising to peak level.

Defaulter is a normalizing plug-in that using the non destructive Clip Gain feature in Pro Tools 10 and above.
Clip gain is arguably one of the best thing Pro Tools adopted in recent years. Now, Quiet Art Ltd have produced a tool to help you get even more out of it.
Defaulter analyzes the clip and applies Pro Tools’ built-in Clip Gain adjustments to bring it up or down to meet your specified peak level but with v1.5 you can now do the same with a specified RMS level instead. It can be set to ignore clips with levels below a threshold. Because it uses Clip Gain rather than rendering files it is totally non-destructive.
Try & Buy Defaulter

You can go to the Quiet Art Ltd web site and download a free trial of Defaulter. If you like it then you can buy it for $89 or as a bundle with the excellent WaveRider from Quiet Art for $199.