Sunday Sound Effects Round Up - Chuck Russom FX, Wildtrack, Sonniss, A Sound Effect

03-22-2015 10:00 AM

Chuck Russom FX Gun Sound Library Giveaway

Chuck Russom FX is giving away 2 single user licenses of their multi-channel weapon sound library; Guns Complete comprises 10GB of Gun Sounds worth $295. The giveaway ends March 31, 2015. All you need to do to enter is provide your name and email address.
Wildtrack Release Gear Drone & Room Tones Library

Alvaro de Iscar has released his latest library - Gear Drone & Room Tones. This collection of sounds, include a variety of ambiences, gear drones, and room tones recorded during the last few years! 54 tracks recorded in different recording sessions during last few years. 48Khz and 24 bits HD Audio. Room Tones, Designed Ambiences and Gear Drones recorded and edited for audio atmos designers.

Gear Drone & Room Tones is just 23.88 Euros inc vat.
Sonniss Offer The Chance To Win Over 200 Sound Effects Libraries

Tim approached all the sound effects suppliers on Sonniss to see if they would be up for Sonniss giving away their libraries in a competition for the sound effects community. Some said yes and others thought he was crazy. The upshot of this is than Tim McHugh at Sonniss has been able to put together an amazing collection of sound effects libraries worth nealry $8500. That’s 204 libraries containing nearly 200GB of files. To stand a chance of winning you need to go over to Sonniss and enter name and email address and next month 2 lucky winners will be selected at random.
A Sound Effect Release The Windmill

The Windmill library has organic-sounding recordings of wood, stone and metal. Crunches, grindings, rumbles, rhythm, squeaks, roars, movements, gears – it’s all there, captured in an old windmill. This library focuses on the sounds of the wings, the main axis, the grindstone, the flour beaters and the global atmosphere – and they’re perfect for sounds of a wooden boat, wagons, structures, ropes etc. It features both interior and exterior recordings, and you get more than 1 hour and 20 minutes of atmospheric recordings in total.

The Windmill costs just $48 inc vat.