Gobbler Have Killed Transfer Quotas

06-01-2013 10:13 AM

Previously on West Wing, oh sorry I mean, Previously on Gobbler, some of the paid plans, had a limit on how much data you could use Gobbler to share with clients and collaborator using the ‘Send To’ feature in Gobbler and Pro Tools from 10.3.3 upwards. Well this hasn’t been the most popular feature on the Gobbler platform and so they have responded to the criticism and abolished the transfer quotas. This is what they have said…
You voiced your strong dislike for transfer quotas, and now they’re gone. Starting today, all paid plans will include unlimited transfers. Send files to your hearts content and stop worrying about limits. If you already have a paid plan, you will be automatically upgraded over the next few of weeks. And please, no more emails asking how much quota you have left (hint: the answer is infinity :-).
This means even with the basic 20GB account on Gobbler you can transfer large projects with your collaborators, or send loads of approval mixes to clients all using the Send To feature in Gobbler or Pro Tools. As long as what you store, by backing up to Gobbler, doesn’t exceed your plan size then there will now no longer be any surprises.
If this was holding you back, then you might want to sign up to Gobbler now and make use of this unlimited transfer service.