Waves Release Butch Vig Vocals Plug-in For $99 For A Limited Period

03-18-2015 04:14 PM

At NAMM 2015 Waves unveiled a raft of new products including Tracks Live, DBX160 plug-in and as an addition to their Signatures Series, the Butch Vig Vocals plug-in, which we covered in our NAMM 2015 podcast special where you can hear what we thought of it.
Today Waves have released the Butch Vig vocal plug-in and for a limited period the price will be $99 instead on the normal $150.
This what what Waves say about the plug-in..
Widely considered among the most influential rock producers of recent decades, Butch Vig helped spawn an entirely new rock genre. From Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins to Foo Fighters, Green Day and his own band Garbage, Butch Vig has contributed his signature sound to some of the most legendary albums of the modern rock era.
Designed for those looking for a creative approach to shaping vocals, Butch Vig Vocals features intuitive EQ controls, a compressor and a de-esser, and several tools for coloring your sound in numerous shades, including Tube and Solid State saturation, a unique Focus knob, and other inspiring features, all carefully crafted by Butch himself to help you realize your vocal vision.