New Blue Cat Audio PatchWork Preview - Adds More Aux Outputs And Plug-In I/O Routing

03-18-2015 12:45 PM

Most cats I know seem to sit around all day doing bugger all, but that’s not the case with Blue Cat Audio, releasing a preview of updates to the already super useful PatchWork plug-in.
For those not aware of PatchWork it allows the user to host AU and VST plug-ins in Pro Tools and then create complex set-ups and routing, all of which can be saved for fast recall. It’s an essential plug-in to have in your Pro Tools collection dealing with two PITA issues, hosting AU and VST plug-ins and creating track presets.
Now Blue Cat Audio have added even more functionality to the PatchWork plug-in. In their latest blog post they report:
For example, you can now:

  • Route any of the outputs of an instrument to any aux output of the PatchWork plug-in.
  • Apply effects to a subset of audio channels (for example to apply multi -mono effects on stereo or surround tracks, or apply different effects to different aux outputs fro an instrument).
  • Create sends from a channel to another (re-routing a processed signal to another aux output for example, while the dry signal is kept on the current channels).
  • Reorder audio channels.
  • Apply effects to the side chain bus, or use any audio channel as a side chain.
  • Of course latency is compensated on unprocessed channels (if you apply for example a mono plug-in with latency only on the left channel, the right channel will be delayed accordingly).
Visit the Blue Cat Audio blog to find out more and to download a demo of Blue Cat PatchWorks.
Also check out our free Pro Tools plugins page to see the great collection of free Blue Cat plug-ins.