Pro Tools Expert Podcast 158

03-17-2015 11:00 AM

Russ Hughes, Mike Thornton, James Ivey and Julian Rodgers bring you a bumper show catching up with talking points, tips, tricks and questions answered.
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  • Patrik Arnekvist is concerned about the HDX negativity, he has an HDX system that has never crashed and wouldn’t be without his HDX system. We ran a story a while back Why One Pro Tools Expert Sold His Pro Tools HDX System And One Is Keeping His
  • Jim Farrell got in touch to advise us about the perils of Electronic Discharge especially when installing new components in a computer. We will be publishing Jim’s advice as a separate story later this week.

Questions - Kindly Sponsored by Alchemea

  • At Alchemea the Softube Event is fully booked, and there is a long wait list. We are also planning a Sontronics event in May 2015.
  • Want a head start in your audio career? There’s still time to enrol on our upcoming Studio Sound & Music Production Diploma at Alchemea College - you never know where it could lead?
  • Alan Fluker would like to know if a Sony DMX R100 Digital Recording Mixer is still compatible with Pro Tools as either a controller or as a mixer.
  • Seb Berrios was working with Elastic Audio with X-Form, when he came back to the session all the elastic audio content was missing. Do we have we have any advice?
  • Leagh Mirkowsky had a problem where an 003 interface wouldn’t power up, but when he came to it the next day it worked fine. He is concerned if this may be a sign of problems to come.

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