Create Pro Announce Availability Of Angelbird SSD Drives With Native Trim Support For Macs

03-17-2015 09:26 AM

Create Pro, the team behind being able to upgrade cheesegrater Mac Pro towers to have similar processors as the new trash can Mac Pros, have announced that they have just received their first batch of Angelbird SSD drives which are unique in that they have native Trim support for Macs.
This is especially handy as the previous workaround (TRIM enabler) has it’s fair share of issues, especially in OS X 10.10 (Yosemite). We covered this in more detail in a previous story.
The solid state drives can be installed on either SATA or PCI-E ports (with an adapter). Here are some tech specs/information for those that are interested:

  • Sustained read speed of up to 563MB/s
  • Sustained write speed of up to 450MB/s
  • Housed in high quality anodised aluminum cases
  • Optimised for low power consumption
  • Built in overload and static protection
  • Compatible with any Mac that can host a 2.5″ SSD
  • Native TRIM supported
  • Designed and manufactured in Austria

Why Do We Need TRIM On SSD Drives?

TRIM is useful because it allows SSDs to function at their top speeds regardless of how much data is stored on the drive, in contrast to HDDs which will slow as more data is added. These drives are perfect for storing your OS, applications and working data. They make great scratch disks too.
Angelbird SSD Drives Pricing

  • Angelbird SSD wrk for Mac 256GB: £155/€197.50 (comes with 3.5″ converter plate)
  • Angelbird SSD wrk for Mac 512GB: £235/€299.50 (comes with 3.5″ converter plate)
  • Angelbird SSD wrk for Mac 1TB: £425/€541.50
  • Angelbird SSD wrk for Mac 256GB + PCI-E Adapter: £205/€261.50
  • Angelbird SSD wrk for Mac 512GB + PCI-E Adapter: £285/€363
  • Angelbird SSD wrk for Mac 1TB + PCI-E Adapter: £475/€605.50