Waves Add Signatures Series Plug-ins To Their March Special Offers

03-16-2015 08:29 AM

Waves have added some more plug-ins to the March special offers.
Manny Marroquin Signature Series

Watch as Russ takes a look at the Waves Manny Marroquin plug-in series and gives an extended show and tell and let’s you know what he thinks. Then in another video he takes a mix and uses the Waves Manny Marroquin plug-ins to add more bottom end to a kick, density to a snare, mash up a backbeat, add interest to a synth and tighten up a synth bass.
For the rest of March you can get the Waves Manny Marroquin Signature Series plug-ins for just $149 instead of $500.
Waves Z-Noise

Hiss happens. So does hum, computer noise, and any number of unwanted sonic artifacts. Try Z-Noise, and hear them disappear. Z-Noise features real-time noise profiling, innovative transient preservation, and increased low-frequency resolution, Z-Noise truly is a revolution in noise reduction.
For the rest of March you can get the Waves Z-Noise plug-in for just $129 instead of $500.
Waves LoAir

In the last of three videos looking at ways to use the Waves MaxxBass, Renaissance Bass and Lo Air plug-ins in audio post production, Mike Thornton shares how to get the best out of the Waves LoAir plug-in.
For the rest of March you can get the Waves LoAir plug-in for just $49 instead of $100.
Waves CLA Vocals

“The most important part of any song is the vocals. The CLA Vocals plug-in makes this part of mixing an absolute joy. I have taken the very best settings which I use in my everyday mixes and crafted them into this chain. It works great on all styles of singers and, best of all, they will want that sound every time! You also get three flavors of the top six effects you need: the right amount of bass, treble, compression, reverb, delay, and chorusing/doubling.” so says Chris Lord-Alge.
For the rest of March you can get the Waves CLA Vocals plug-in for just $49 instead of $150.
Waves Renaissance Axx

Although engineered especially for guitar, Renaissance Axx is the ideal compressor for musicians and engineers who need to dial in dynamic levels quickly on all kinds of audio. With its three controls, Renaissance Axx features a fixed ratio curve, automatic release value, and an output limiter to prevent clipping.
For the rest of March you can get the Waves Renaissance Axx plug-in for just $39 instead of $100.
Check out the Waves Specials page for all the March offers and snap up a bargain.