Free Tutorials: Using Waves Renaissance Bass In Music & Post

03-14-2015 09:54 AM

Would you like to know how Waves Renaissance Bass works and how you can use it in both music and audio post contexts?
Renaissance Bass In Music

In this free tutorial Russ gives a quick show and tell to explain the principle behind the Waves Renaissance Bass and gives some application examples - the magic is not when your music is loud but when it’s quiet.
Renaissance Bass In Post

Mike produced a series of three post oriented video tutorials looking at all three ‘bass’ plug-ins from Waves, MaxxBass, Lo Air and in this video Renaissance Bass.
If you like what you can do with Renaissance Bass then hop over to the Waves Specials page today as for one day only they are offering Renaissance Bass for just $39 as part of their new weekends deals they are offering 3 deals on Saturday and three deals on Sunday.