KMR Audio Announce Two New Looptrotter Products - Emperor & Satur-8/24

03-11-2015 03:01 PM

KMR Audio have announced the release of two new products from polish manufacturer Looptrotter.
Looptrotter Emperor

The Looptrotter Emperor harmonic and dynamics processor has been designed to add analogue warmth and character using compression, limiting and harmonic distortion to add brightness, warmth and thickness to your sound. It is available as a dual-channel rack unit or as a mono 500 Series module.

A FET transistor is used as the gain reduction control and distortion element which is combined with two independent filters designed to work simultaneously without any unwanted phase shift. The Low filter reduces the amount of low frequency information hitting the compression stage, reducing the amount of distortion material with strong low frequencies such as kick drums or bass guitars. The High filter increases the amount of high frequencies being compressed working as an analogue de-esser or providing tape-like warmth. Three time constants also affect the behaviour of the units with the Fast setting behaving like a limiter with lightning fast attack and release time, Medium working as a fast compressor and the Slow setting as a slow compressor. Independent Dry and Wet controls allow for the blending between processed and dry signal offering a wide range tonal options.
Looptrotter Satur-8/24

Looptrotter has produced an update to its Satur-8 summing mixer and distortion box with the Satur-8/24. As the name suggests, the Looptrotter Satur-8/24 is a 24-channel summing mixer with channels 1 to 8 routed through saturation blocks to add harmonic enhancements such as vintage tube consoles or tape-like distortion. Each of the eight channel features an LCR toggle switch to pan the signal in the stereo field. The remaining 16 channels are directly summed to the stereo output without going through the distortion blocks. A stereo output level control is included on the master section and stereo insert points let you connect additional processors such as stereo compressors or EQ.
A cryptic Magic button adds depth and focus to the sound as well as increasing the stereo field for a larger than life summed signal. Master and Monitor outputs are included to let you “print to tape” and monitor the result accurately.

An expansion slot lets you expand the amount of saturation blocks to 16 allowing you to add colour to more channels.
Looptrotter Prices

  • Satur-8/24 - £1750 exc vat
  • Emperor - £665.83 exc vat
  • Emperor 500 - £290.83 exc vat